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For how long would food be able to remain on the table without refrigeration?

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The measure of time you can leave food on the table without refrigeration relies upon the specific food, the temperature of the room, and whether you will reuse the food later on. A few things, for example, mayonnaise, meat, and dairy items ought not to be left out any more than needed, particularly in a warm climate. All in all, most nourishments will remain protected at room temperature for around four hours, expecting you will not reuse them thereafter. Notwithstanding, it's in every case best to avoid any and all risks and refrigerate food when you can. In case you're getting ready for a huge gathering and chipping away at various dishes, it's particularly simple to forget about how long food sources have been out of the fridge, so give close consideration and don't forget about anything for a really long time. Likewise, getting ready food in huge clusters—either cooked or uncooked- - can be precarious, so give close consideration and keep fixings in the cooler at whatever point you can.


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Yes I'm always a bit careful what I eat at a wedding reception as I am never quite sure how long the food has been out of refrigeration. Sometimes it can look spoiled after a few hours of sitting around so I never eat anything with meat on these occasions. I used to work as a cook so was well aware of the importance of food being in the right temperature. Thankfully I have never had food poisoning

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