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Jay Jay
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What does the environment mean to you?

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The environment means to me:


”The environment means trees, nature, breathing spaces and parks”. We depend on the environment around us to live; from the air, we breathe to the fields where we grow crops and to the water we drink – the chemicals and toxins that we pollute the earth with will eventually find their way back to us.


What do you think?

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I agree with this statement, many things come to mind here as the planet is well over populated.


  1. Drinking water, we only have so much fresh water, there will come a time when we run dry and to filter sea water
  2. Human waste, another big problem that humans seem to think if we dump this in the oceans it will go away.

I could go on here for a while but yes the things we do to the enviroment will find their way back to us.

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