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Is beef good or bad for health?

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I like to eat beef more and more. Beef is my favorite food also, beef curry and white rice is yummy. I like it very much.


Is beef good for health?


bad for health?



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I don't eat beef. In our culture, we worship cows as Mother Goddess and Bulls as the carrier of one of our Supreme Gods. Therefore eating beef is strictly prohibited in our culture. However, based on my understanding beef is red meat and red meat is not very good for health especially for people above the age of 40 years and under the medication of cardio vascular diseases.

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If you like red meat, eat it in moderation. Two 3- to 4-ounce portions of red meat per week is considered healthy. To keep calories and saturated fat in check, buy lean cuts, such as flank steak, New York strip and tenderloin, and trim off excess fat.

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