Accelerating your new business is going to require capital and a good amount of it too. While it is possible to secure those types of funds through loans and similar financing, it'll be hard to secure those funds without and real financial track record. Small business owners usually don't want to take on a lot of debt in the early stages of their business, so they give usually give up equity to investors. For those of you in this situation, an investor or two will come in handy.

How Can I Find Small Business Investors?

There are several ways you can find investors for your business, you can't go wrong with any of these. It all adds up to what you are comfortable with.

Reliable Introductions

Nothing beats an introduction from an entrepreneur whom investors trust. You might know a friend or a customer who has their own business, they would be great people to introduce you to an investor. Your business financial information is only part of the story, some connections and support will go a long way.

Why is getting an introduction so important anyway? The reason is that investors prefer that the companies they invest in can be trusted and if you have someone they trust to introduce you to them, then you should be golden.

Another way to get an introduction if you do not have strong networking is there are accounts and attorneys who can make the introduction.

Network, Network, and Network Specifically

You can think of other ways you can get feed into investors with networks you’re already part of or can become a part of. Your school network is a way you can look for trusted investors or connections to others who can help you find investors.

You should look into trade organizations, a business development group, or a chamber of commerce. I know those options are more local based, but the best connections can be made at the local level where you’re not competing for funds.

Online Investment Platforms

Useful resources are often found in your backyard but don't underestimate the power of a global outreach. Many online platforms allow investors to connect with potential investment opportunities, which allows the funding to come to you.

Depending on where you look for your next investor, you might be working with an individual or a group. Who you will be connected with will depend on how the platform is organized and what suits your needs. Now, I shouldn't have to say this, but use social media to put the word out that you want investors. It is crazy the type of connections you can find.

Forget Strangers, How About Blood?

I know a lot of us don't like asking our loved ones or friends to allow us to borrow money, but you can make them a stakeholder in your business. The only concern here is how comfortable are you with having an investor who is close to you on that level.

The advantage here is that they will want you to have success with your business. As with any investor especially family, you should always have an investor agreement signed, that way there can't be any disputes or troubles down the road. Just because you know them doesn't mean you don't have to pitch your business/business idea to them. Not everyone is just comfortable with putting money into something they know very little about. So, sell yourself and your idea.

Closing Remarks

As you navigate your search for funds for your business, remmeber this: business investors are not for everyone. If you’re questioning your financials or network, now may not be the time to search for investors. There are business that are willing to be financing sources for new businesses. You can always get a good loan based on your financials. Also, a business credit card maybe good to start out with.