Employing an expert web designer isn't modest. The expense of working with a web designer can begin at $500 and go up from that point. Things being what they are, the reason at that point would you pay such a lot of cash for another site when you could utilize another help, for example, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly, and fabricate a site for nothing? We should look at a website builder versus a web designer.

Website specialist versus Professional Website Builder?

In all actuality, employing a web designer or configuration firm isn't for everybody.

If you're another business absent a lot of income, at that point utilizing a reasonable web designer is the thing you should do.

If you own a small business, utilizing a 'free' website builder could cost your organization money in squandered worker hours and much more cash in the open door cost of lost income.

In this article, we will address a few parts of the discussion, "website builder versus web designer?" Who might be in an ideal situation recruiting an expert and the particular points of interest and inconveniences of doing either?

What is a website builder?

Long story short, a website builder is a service that substitutes manual design and coding. Rather than mocking up and coding a website, you can choose from a pre-made layout. You depend on the builder's pre-set capacities and code.

The similarity I like to utilize is that of a DSLR camera. Once upon a time, it took a lot of expertise to take a pleasant-looking photograph utilizing a manual SLR camera. Today you should simply point and snap, and you can take a decent looking picture.

That is essentially what a website builder does. It permits anybody to rapidly and efficiently set up a site that doesn't look horrible or now and again even looks acceptable in most cases.

What does a web designer do? How is it unique?

So what do you get when you recruit a web designer?

The short answer is it relies upon who you recruit. Be that as it may, expecting you enlist somebody great, what a web designer or agency brings to the table can be a ton.

A decent web designer can take your vision and bring it into the real world. They can take the idea that develops in your subconscious mind and transform it into a functional design.

On the off chance that they're great, they can get a comprehension of your business and your clients and tailor the plan and structure of your site to encourage transformations to help create more deals.

A web designer can likewise assist you with having a website that separates you from your rivals. These days, a lot of sites are starting to appear to be identical. Having a specially crafted site can assist your business by getting seen in a packed space.

Returning to our DSLR camera similarity how about we envision that you were arranging your big day and needed to have pictures taken to catch this pivotal occasion. One alternative could be giving your companion a DSLR camera and have them take photos of the large day.

Employing a web designer would be what might be compared to drawing in an expert wedding picture taker to take aesthetic and wonderful photographs that you could cherish for the remainder of your life.

Web Designer versus Website Builder – Who Should Use a Website Builder?

Should everybody enlist a web designer? Not generally. Honestly, for some, it's not a cost-efficient move. Should your business falls under one of these categories, I have some hiring recommendations:


In case you're a specialist and hoping to impart your enthusiasm to other people, you don't have to employ a web designer.


Except if you have an experienced blog with a setup crowd, there is no compelling reason to hire a web designer. You can generally improve your site later and import the entirety of your past posts around then.

Unfunded Startup/New Business

Do you have another business or unfunded startup? You should most likely be beginning with a website builder. You presently can't seem to demonstrate the idea, and you are lucky to be simply getting your thought out into the world to check whether there is even a business opportunity for it. When you have a setup client base and are creating income, at that point, you should consider hiring a web designer.


On the off chance that you're a solopreneur with under $75k/year in income, at that point, you are likely to try to find a freelance designer or a design studio specifically.

Problematic Concept

Have a groundbreaking concept that you haven't tried? You should utilize a website builder to perceive how the thought is gotten. If it begins bringing in cash, at that point, consider employing a web designer for a site upgrade.

Small Non-benefit

For non-benefit associations that are high on enthusiasm and low on assets, there isn't anything amiss with utilizing a website builder for your association.

What's the integral factor?

With regards to whether you should recruit a web designer versus a website builder, recollect the ageless expressions of old school rapper DJ Quick:

"On the off chance that it doesn't make dollars, it doesn't bode well."

The primary concern is – paying for a site should pay for itself. On the off chance that recruiting a web designer is not within your expenses, stay with a website builder.

Who might be in an ideal situation recruiting a web designer?

On the off chance that website builders like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly are so moderate, is there any good reason why everyone shouldn't utilize them? If an expertly designed site could cost over $5,000 and a website builder costs $50/month, would you say you aren't saving over $5,000 by picking the website builder?

Not generally. The explanation is that it's not how much an expertly planned site costs.

It's the amount it will cost you and your business on the off chance that you don't have an expertly designed site.

So on the off chance that you maintain a business making over $1 Million yearly and need assistance with your business's website project, you will benefit from employing a web designer.

Warren Buffett, perceived as the world's most noteworthy financial specialist, says that the main thought with regards to contributing is opportunity-cost.

Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost is the point at which you did not only think about your rate of profitability for a specific exchange. Yet, when you analyze all alternatives accessible, to figure out what the best general game-plan is.

So suppose you own a development organization, and you generate a considerable income. In situation A, you utilize a 'free' website builder and pay nothing for your website. In situation B, you pay a design agency $10,000 for a well-designed site. Which one is the better worth?

In situation A, you have the concealed expense of your worker's time which was utilized to make the site. If it took a paid representative 100 hours to set up the site and that worker gets paid $50/hr, at that point their time should be figured into the expense.

In situation B if the business lost even a 1,000,000 dollar contract it may somehow have won with a more well-designed website, then you should consider that as well.

So, here is a glance at who may be in an ideal situation utilizing proficient website composition administrations:

Business creating over $250,000 every year in income

It's difficult to put an accurate number, concerning income, for a business to have before getting a site. Yet, it's protected to state that if your business is producing over $250k/year, at that point you are presumably leaving cash on the table by not having your site designed.

Nearby business in a serious industry

Do you own a nearby business that creates a large portion of its business conditionally through individuals doing the web look? You are at a genuine disservice on the off chance that you don't have a well-designed site. The SEO benefits alone merit the expense.

Solopreneur creating over $150,000 every year in income

If you are an expert, a realtor, a legal advisor, bookkeeper, or some other independent entrepreneur offering proficient administrations, at that point, you would most likely be in an ideal situation with a professionally designed site than going with a website builder.

High exchange esteem business

High exchange esteem organizations that produce $5k or more in benefit per exchange would be better off with a professionally designed site. By having particularly high exchange esteem, if you could create only one extra deal by having a superior site then the venture would pay for itself.

Follow the cash

As expressed previously, your site is a venture. Truly! Furthermore, similar to any wise venture, it needs to create a positive return. This means your new site ought to acquire more extra income, that you would not, in any case, have gotten than the expense of the site itself.

Favorable circumstances and Disadvantages – Web Designer versus Website Builder

So since we realize who should be going with a website builder how about we take a gander at the focal points and inconveniences of going with it.



The primary advantage is cost. For a little venture, you can have a site up on the web.


You can have your new webpage up inside a day utilizing a website builder. While a design agency will take up to a month in some cases.

Fair plan

A significant number of the current website builders offer nice looking plan and formats. The way to making them work is to duplicate the layout plan precisely. Any increments you make to the plan will most likely just hurt.


Not expertly planned

While numerous website builder layouts look great, not many of them look extraordinary. You likewise won't have the advantage of somebody who gets showcasing and guest transformations to help advance the change plan of your site.


Many individuals have as of late been bouncing on the 'free' website builder fleeting trend, and along these lines, there is a huge load of individuals utilizing similar layouts and plans. Most website builder layouts are generally starting to look similar giving them a nonexclusive and unimaginative feel.

It would appear formatted

It's difficult to place it, however, I can quite often tell when a site is utilizing a layout. There's only something about the look that has that format feel to it. I figure the vast majority can recognize a layout too, which isn't excessively extraordinary in case you're utilizing one.

Poor SEO

Here's somewhat a mystery. Most website builders have horrendous Search Engine Optimization. They don't offer extremely strong instruments with regards to improving your site for search traffic from Google. Additionally, a decent plan firm can offer a huge load of advantage with regards to legitimate catchphrase exploration and site advancement. Along these lines in this example of a web designer versus website builder, the originator wins.

Lost possible deals

As we talked about before the open door cost of lost potential deals must be figured in while thinking about the expense of utilizing a 'free' website builder.

Can be disappointing

While the backend UI of these website builders are intended to be anything but difficult to utilize, they frequently aren't. It very well may be baffling to work inside an inflexible system attempting to understand a dream you have for the site.

Time concentrated

What is your time worth to you? Even better, on the off chance that you have representatives and they are occupied with working this what is your worker's time worth to you? What else might you be able to do with that time? This all should be figured into the genuine expense of the site project.

Focal points and disservices in a web designer versus website builder

Still uncertain about whether or not you should recruit a web designer? Here is a glance at certain points of interest and weaknesses of going that course:

Points of interest​

Proficient plan

At the point when you employ a web designer, you are recruiting a professional. Somebody whose job it is to comprehend best practices, design, and content structure planning. They likewise have a comprehension of user experiences and how your design affects them. These aptitudes are brought to the table when you enlist a web designer.

One of a kind plan

Recall the Matrix Reloaded? Truly, it was a horrendous film. In any case, recollect when Agent Smith began cloning himself that the grid was overwhelmed by an ocean of Agent Smiths? Indeed, that is how things are starting to feel concerning your project. All sites are beginning to look the equivalent since they all utilize similar formats. Recruiting a web designer permits you to have an extraordinary and unique website.

Customer Tailored

Most layouts are not specialized for your exact purpose. They truly can't be because they are attempting to interest a wide number of client types and can't be made to custom fit your particular clientele. While employing a web designer, in any event, while recruiting a decent one, they will help structure the website so that it is custom-tailored to your clients– which implies more leads and more deals.

Search engine oriented

A decent web designer or agency ought to know about Search Engine Optimization and have the option to do catchphrase research, help recognize the best watchwords for a higher rank, and ensure your website is labeled and organized to be optimized for those catchphrases. Most website builders have negligible SEO.

Reliable support

Ever been on a live visit with technical support discussing how you need to refresh your DNS when you don't have a clue what the hell a DNS is? Awful. When you employ a web designer, those issues disappear, and you will get the telephone and converse with an individual who will take care of those issues for you without leaving you feeling dumb since you don't comprehend tech language.

Saved time

Is your time worth anything to you? At the point when you enlist a web designer you are repurchasing your time, or possibly numerous long periods of it, by paying a designer to convey results as opposed to spending endless hours slamming your head against a desk.


Higher forthright expense

The primary test with employing a designer is to pay the high forthright expense. If money is tight, this can particularly be an issue.

Longer an ideal opportunity to dispatch

Having a specially crafted site requires some serious energy. The process can require 2-3 weeks and sometimes a month to complete. When utilizing a website builder, you have the moment satisfaction of having a webpage up the present moment.

You may not love the design

Here's a startling idea. You may pay a web designer and not love what you get. It happens sometimes. Here's a clue, if you don't like the designer's portfolio, you most likely won't like what they accomplish for you.

Quality differs

The web design industry is somewhat similar to the Wild West. There is a low obstruction to the passage to set up a business and consider yourself a web designer. Along these lines, the quality changes a lot while picking a planner. Two things to pass judgment on a designer by are their portfolio and their testimonials. If both of those aren't good, continue looking.

Wide reach in estimating

What amount does a site cost? That is a decent inquiry. Converse with five web designers, and you will get five various statements. It very well may be a genuine test understanding of what a decent cost is while recruiting a designer.

You probably won't own your site

Be cautious while employing an agency. Ensure you have full rights for the design once the site is completed. There are design agencies out there that cuff you into continuous upkeep charges and don't give you proprietorship rights to the site. This doesn't occur constantly, yet it warrants your attention.

Final Notes

So back to our inquiry, web designer versus website builder? Which one is appropriate for you? The main concern is, most sites are worked with a business plan. The motivation behind your site is to bring in cash. Regardless of whether you should employ a web designer versus utilizing a website builder comes down to hazard versus reward.

If you're not getting a lot of cash, don't have a lot of cash, or have a dubious idea – haven't demonstrated it can bring in cash, at that point you should go with the most affordable option.

If you are bringing in cash, esteem your time or your representative's time, and feel that you are losing likely business by not having a customed designed site, at that point you should enlist a web designer.